Get outta here!

Ah, the wise words of The Go-Gos:

Vacation, all I ever wanted.
Vacation, had to get away!

Or, if you prefer candy bar slogans, think of the sagely Kit-Kat:

Gimme a break!

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself dragging. I know, I know, I’m usually perfect, but alas, I had a moment (or two) of weakness. I was a little short with people, less friendly, less enthusiastic about helping people. I felt generally sluggish. It had nothing to do with being unhappy – in fact, I had just started working on one of the coolest projects I’d gotten since I started. No, it was more that I was in a rut. 8-9 months had passed since my last extended PTO (paid time off) usage and I had fallen into a routine that was just wearing me out.

I took a week off of work. In that period of time, I took a trip up to New York for the US Open and and followed that up with a ridiculously lazy time at home with my family, which included time to myself to do nothing but watch TV (something I never do in real life).

I went back to work today and felt so refreshed and rejuvenated. Despite the 200+ e-mails and 5 or so voicemails I had to go through amidst the usual stuff I needed to take care of, I was moving quickly, I was happy to see people, I was cracking more sassy comments than ever – I was back. Even when I went to spend time with friends after work and catch up on some of my hobbies, I was lighter on my feet and the most positive I’d been in a while.

Life lesson: take a break. And I don’t mean a couple of hours to get errands done, because that’s not helpful. Take some time and do something you really want to do so you can unwind – even if it’s just kicking back and doing absolutely nothing. Feeling relaxed can really put an extra spring in your step so the Energizer Bunny in you can keep going and going and going…


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