Birthday Wishes

Today was my birthday and it was one of the days that you just savor.

The Pro and a friend took me out to lunch. Another work friend I’ve made bought me a cake (though none of us wanted it and we decided to save it until tomorrow to continue our celebrations). Another work friend took me to get coffee so we could chat for a bit. The number of people that wished me happy birthday was overwhelming. And when I had cupcakes delivered as a surprise, I shared them with all of the people that walked by, all of whom asked me what they were for and them wished me a good day before asking what my plans were.

You only have one birthday a year and it’s worth doing right. Obviously at work, the priority is work. Get what you need to done and don’t slack off – you’re there to do a job, so don’t not do it. But if you can use your time management skills to get everything you need to done, then you have every right to smile and receive the good wishes from the people you spend so much of your day with. The Pro was incredibly supportive of this and we’ll of course be doing a happy day when it’s her turn.

Long story short, I like being in an organization that’s not only OK with, but encourages having a celebration when it’s due and when it’s earned, an organization that keeps the work/life balance and doesn’t let the scale shift too much to one side. I work hard and I’m good at what I do, so I’m happy that people recognize that it’s OK to take a slight break. At the same time as some of my festivities, a part of my office was celebrating the engagement of one of my coworkers. I rest my case.

I can’t imagine being somewhere that was too focused on work to celebrate life. Have you had experiences on either side of the coin? Show me some birthday love and share your stories.


One response to “Birthday Wishes

  1. Cupcakes? The HR Intern has a special fan or fans !

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