Tough as nails.

Ever feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach?

I gave a presentation that I was less than thrilled about (presumably because the reaction I got was, “OK, I still don’t get what your point is” – Ouch). I’m frustrated for a variety of reasons, but the long and short of it is that I don’t think I did the best job of getting across what I wanted to. I have a tendency to tense up when it comes to things like that. I can’t seem to get to that happy place in the public speaking realm. And add an authority figure (i.e. the head of my company) – well, I’m just a basket case.

So I’m walking home, feeling sorry for myself when it hits me: suck it up. No, not necessarily the easiest advice to follow. But honestly, it’s what’s working for me. I don’t feel like the opposite is doing a whole lot of good. I whined and threw myself a pity party, but that just intensified my feelings about the situation and how is that helpful? It’s so much more beneficial to slap yourself in the face and say, “OK, that sucked. Fix it.”

I have a plan of attack. I did something for my presentation that I think I can share with the group, even though it’s post-meeting. It’ll be an opportunity to convey my point again, in a manner that’s much clearer. I’ll also check in with other folks I trust that were there to get their feedback. Let’s use this as a learning experience, shall we?

I’ll say it again (to you, but also to myself): suck it up. Get a thick skin. I’ve really got to learn to take these things less personally and put some perspective on the situation. If one person doesn’t have a favorable reaction, it’s not a loss. It doesn’t mean that you’re done and that it’s over. Sure, it’s more problematic when the one ‘Nay’ is the ultimate decision maker, but don’t count yourself out for the count. These things happen – and they happen ALL the time. It’s not always about what you do (though it sure does helps if you do it well). Sometimes, it’s really about how you dust yourself off from the fray and fix it. I could easily stay quiet, roll with it and see what happens. But when I’ve slept on it, had a chance to think and rediscovered my passion, I’m going to push back and show these people why I wanted to do this presentation piece in the first place.

I’ll show ’em…


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