Confessions of a twenty-something nailbiter

Argh. That’s the sound of immense frustration.

I’m in the middle of trying to effect change and I’m less than thrilled with the results thus far. I’m bothered by the process and annoyed that it won’t go faster.

Hi, I’m the HR Intern and I’m a nail biter.

I’ve been ignoring it roughly my whole life, not caring that my fingers look stubby and mangled, that I have no nails with which to do anything with and that I constantly cover most of my face with my hands while wearing a pained expression as I trt to bite that last hard-to-reach piece off. But when I successfully grew a nail after wearing a band-aid for 2 weeks to cover a cut, I realized that in order to curb all of these compulsions, I would have to stop. And so stop I will!

And now a week later, it’s obvious how difficult is it to stop something that’s incredibly entrenched in my daily routine.

In order to change, not only does there have to be awareness of an issue (I bite my nails), but there has to be a resolution to change (I have to stop biting my nails). And beyond that, there must be a recognition that it won’t be easy, that there will be resistance to that change, especially when something is tied to a personal style or organizational culture (I’ve caught myself sticking my hands in my mouth excessively over the past week and after telling a friend of mine to call me out when I do it in his presence, he had to literally bat my hand from my face in the 15 minutes we sat together – how’s that for self-restraint?).

Change is unbelievably difficult. But perseverance is what makes good things happen. Despite the fact that I want to turn around on this path I’ve wondered down and just go back to how it was (it’s like the chicken pox – I can’t think of anything else but biting my nails), I’ve got to make my way to the light at the end of the tunnel. When I’m done, I’ll know what it takes to not bite my nails – and I’ll be much happier because of it.

So if you see me biting my nails, help me out. Maybe together we can make this change a reality.


5 responses to “Confessions of a twenty-something nailbiter

  1. Wear gloves? Or bandaid up all of your fingers! Or just keep them covered in something really nasty-tasting… 🙂

  2. It’s so interesting what kind of post one might stumble across when tag surfing 🙂 I’m 22 and stopped biting my nails a few months ago after several failed attempts, so I know that it can be really difficult. I actually wrote a post about how I stopped biting (that’s not an attempt to advertise for my blog, but it’s a pretty long post, so it would probably be more rude if I posted it all in the comments field here). I would definitely recommend you to buy an anti-bite remedy (my personal favorite is STOP by Mavala, it has the foulest, most horrible taste ever and it stays in your mouth for hours after you’ve attempted to bite). But anyway, good luck!!

  3. orthodontic braces. The metalwork will keep you from getting at your nails, and your teeth will be so sore anyway, you won’t want to bite anything.

    You wouldn’t have to be braceface forever, just a few months of wearing the mouth grille and you’ll be cured of your habit.


  4. The HR Intern

    @Gina – Ha! I tried that, but I suffered for 2 minutes and licked all of the stuff off. Then again, I was 7…

    @Polish girl – Thanks for stopping by! I think you and Gina are right about the gross-tasting stuff. Ick – that would stop me in my tracks, right?

    @Paul – Good suggestion, but it didn’t work for me. I had braces and I figured out a way around it (somehow). It’s probably why I have a bad underbite now…Thanks for commeting!

  5. Do not know whether this might help someone else but I bit my nails for too many years to count. I had tried most of the treatments plus tried every vitamin.
    When I began daily making raw green smoothies using fruit + spinach, kale, parsley, basil, mint, etc. my compulsion to bite nails stopped immediately!
    Obviously I was lacking some trace mineral.
    Do not know whether this will work for everyone but it is cheap, improves overall health and is worth trying.

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