Friday Shout-Out: Success story!

I’m borrowing from one of my favorite bloggers, Punk Rock HR, to do a Friday shout out.

Yesterday, my friend Caitie was offered a job. And under most circumstances, a job offer is enough to send you into an overdrive of an excitement. But her story is more complex (and honestly, isn’t everyone’s?).

She’s gone through the unemployment battle, an unexpected fire that closed down the restaurant she worked at, more than your normal dose of medical issues (without insurance) and a temp job that was rapidly advancing toward a finale, among other things.

It wasn’t easy and, at times, it seemed like it would never happen for her, but she persevered. She put herself out there time and time and time again and after numerous interviews that didn’t pan out, she finally got a job – and one that she’s excited about.

So for that, I send a huge congratulations to Caitie. For all of you seeking a job, here’s hope for you that there’s something out there. If you need words of encouragement from someone who’s been there, let me know and I’ll connect you.

I want to know who you’re shouting out to this Friday. Who’s getting your praise for the day?


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