Don’t Stop Believin…in your career path

Yesterday was the first day of our annual HR conference where we get together and talk about big picture things that are easier to discuss in person than by phone or video conference. One of the conversations we had was about career pathing.

Yesterday was also the season finale of Glee where they reprised “Don’t Stop Believin” – hence the title. To justify it, I say that that song is by Journey, which is what a career path is. But I digress.

When I think about my career path, it’s hard to define it because I’m not sure where I’m going. I’ve talked before about how I have a couple different opportunities on my plate right now, any one of which might be where I go. Or there’s the possibility I might end up going somewhere different entirely.

But what’s important to know is that if I choose any of those paths, where am I headed and how do I make that journey?

A lot of this is going to fall on me. I need to figure out my goals, align myself in a direction that I want to move in and find people that can help me along the way. The organization picks up by showing me what obstacles and challenges are faced along the way, by guiding me towards people that can assist me, by making the levels more transparent so I know how to get from Point A to Point Z, etc. But it starts with me and it ends with me. It’s my career, not my organization’s.

What does your career path look like? And what level of responsibility do you claim for it? Do you think there’s more that your company/employer should be doing for you? Share the love – I want to hear from you.


2 responses to “Don’t Stop Believin…in your career path

  1. The responsibility is on us. Like you say, we need to figure out our goals and then have the courage to chase them down. I’m not there yet!

  2. The HR Intern

    @100% – Yeah, it’s all on us dude. I don’t know if anyone ever gets there – the “finish line” kind of defeats the purpose of the Journey (pun intended), don’t you think? 😉

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