Happy Social Media Day!

It’s Social Media Day! What an awesome holiday. For live coverage, check out Mashable’s live streaming feed to show events happening around the globe. I’ll be heading to a tweetup downtown in DC to celebrate the momentous ocassion. For an event near you, search on the MeetUp site – there’s plenty going on, so find something for you!

I don’t really have to tell you that I love social media. My blog has partially evolved into a conversation piece about how much I love it. Here are some great things that it’s done for me:

  • Connected me with some great individuals online – happy to have met all of you!
  • Allowed me to meet some of these stellar folks in person at Social Media Club events, at SHRM/HR events or just for random coffees along the way
  • Made me get out of my shell and comfort zone and reach out to people who are always more than happy to respond positively and excitedly
  • Reinforce the idea that learning is a constant – there’s always something new and interesting going on that I can find through my Twitter feed
  • Opened up a whole new set of doors for me in a professional and personal sense

Thanks everyone for staying with me here – you’ve all been an integral part of my social media experiment. So celebrate and enjoy!

What are your plans for the big day?


5 responses to “Happy Social Media Day!

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  2. My plan: social media brainstorming session–with cake!

  3. plan = twitter in the Detroit airport waiting for flight back to DC.

    have a blast, HR intern! miss you.

    • @Caitie – Score! Cake makes everything better…

      @Reillybri – OK, I like the spirit of celebration. Can’t wait to have you back in DC tomorrow! Miss you too!

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