All you gotta do is ask

Sometimes, the simplest lesson is the one that’s least obvious.

Lately I’ve been on a search to find out what it means to “manage” social media. When you settle down to it, if you’re heading up a campaign, what exactly are you doing? In an effort to find that out, I’ve been using social media to reach out to folks and find out what they have in place on their ends. It’s been a pretty neat project.

The best part is, when I’ve reached out to folks, they’ve all said yes. No coercion, no nagging, just “Yes, of course, I’d love to help!” How cool is that? And it’s been really cool hearing all of these people’s stories and talking social media shop with them.

The thing is, I thought it would be significantly more challenging to find people and get anywhere with this research. But I realized that I had built myself a network that lends itself incredibly well to this kind of conversation. So when I stood up and asked to hear from them through an actual conversation, either in phone or in person, they were all thrilled at the prospect. It makes perfect sense, but I’m hitting myself for not realizing it sooner.

Lesson learned: speak up. Ask questions. Find out who people are. This doesn’t work if you shout about yourself and your awesomeness in a corner, because no one cares about that. Instead, inquire about others, and tap your resources so you can get to the bottom of the things. Seriously – just ask. You’re not bugging them, you’re actually just sharing interests and trading knowledge. That’s not social media – that’s life.

When’s the last time you did something like that?


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