Credit where credit is due

It’s time for a round of applause for job seekers who have found success and some encouragement for those who are still on the hunt.

The situation out there is still bleak (though it’s significantly better than it was at the beginning of the year) and we  haven’t declared that we’re out of the recession nor are we sure when we will be. It’s still a little miserable out there.

But sometimes you gotta look past that and focus on the good.

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine and reader who got a job offer and graciously accepted. How did he do it? He went to a job fair, he made a connection with a recruiter, he listened to what that recruiter told him and made changes to his materials, he followed up appropriately, he struck a chord with his interviewers – and the rest is history.

So congrats to him on getting the job and congratulations to the employer on getting an outstanding employee. All around good news!

Do you know anyone who’s gotten a job recently? Give them a shout and congratulate them if you haven’t already. Looking to help people find jobs? Try connecting with JobAngels to do your part. Still looking for a job? Keep positive, try new things and remember that it only takes one yes to get where you want.


6 responses to “Credit where credit is due

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  2. Great post Mike! Congrats to your friend on the new job. Timely post as I received an email today from a friend who has an interview (yes!) on Thursday and is doing some company research before going in. That’s another good tip for job seekers – know your target company business and culture as much as you can!

  3. Great post and congrats to your friend! I always do my homework BEFORE I apply to a job & write my cover letter accordingly.

    Hopefully I’ll get a bite soon 🙂

  4. @Brian – Congrats to your friend as well! Keep me posted on how that goes for your friend – would love to track that. And you’re totally right, good suggestion on the research. Thanks for the tip!

    @DC Princess – Just stay positive, I know something’s coming your way. Glad to hear you’re a homework-doer – that’ll definitely pay off!

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