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Social Media and Social Good

One of the best things about social media is the power that is has to spread a message, and do it fast. There are plenty of things out there that do go viral that have are high on entertainment but have limited value – the Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement as well as the trending hashtag #thingswomendontdoanymore that was going on last night both spring to mind.

But at the same time, there is so much social good that can be done by leveraging the power of relationships and quick message sending capabilities through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mashable actually dedicates a whole portion of its site to that very topic, encouraging its numerous followers to contribute to a better society by using the tools that they’re so devoted to.

I tried my hand at the same thing. Annie Stela, an artist that I came to know and love, asked for fans to respond to her and let her know if they wanted her to play in their city. I jumped at the opportunity and asked her to come to DC and she graciously agreed. At the same time, since she was playing for free, I turned it into a benefit concert and got involved with Citizen Effect. While we were enjoying the awesome music, we were also helping HIV-affected youth in Rwanda get a secondary education. Pretty sweet, right?

Well we’re not done yet. I’m using this post as a plea for you to help me complete the project. Take a look at my project page where you can learn more about the project and check out the video we took of Annie playing her heart out. If you can, make a contribution and help us reach our goal of $250. We’re so close, but we just need your help, and anything you can do will really help the kids in Rwanda.

That’s the power of social media for ya! Let’s make it happen!